Temu , Amazon, Aliexpress or Shein?

Temu , Amazon, Aliexpress or Shein?

Do you like Amazon, Aliexpress or Shein? If you are used to buying online you cannot ignore Temu, the new Chinese online commerce platform that is sweeping inside and outside its borders. With a wide range of products and low prices, its main advantage is its delivery times. Find out more.

20 years ago, Amazon came into our lives to change the way we shop. At the beginning it was just an electronic bookstore, but in these two decades it has expanded in such a way that now you can buy anything you need -as its logo indicates, objects from A to Z-.

In the 2010s, a company appeared that competed with the services that Amazon could offer, Aliexpress , founded by Alibaba -a conglomerate of small companies of Chinese origin-, the e-commerce platform was born as a buying-selling portal between companies and did not sell products directly to the consumer. Since then it has expanded its direct-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer services, too.

These two companies have been the queens oonline commerce in the last decade, and it is not surprising, in our society consumption habits have changed. Now we can buy anything with a single click and, in addition, they bring it to our home. A type of service that saves us time, avoids trips and is very comfortable for us.

The paradigm shift has brought with it multiple websites and platforms that make very cheap products of all kinds available to the consumer. In the fashion market, the impact of the Chinese cheap fashion giant, Shein , is indisputable, a company that is increasingly expanding its product offering.

Now Temu has broken into the market , the new online commerce application that is emerging in Asia and which promises to become the direct competition of the e-commerce giants due to its surprisingly low prices.

In this NovaMás article we explain more details about this new brand so that you do not miss the opportunity to purchase the products you want, in the cheapest and most comfortable way that the market offers you. Keep reading.

What is Temu?

Temu is an ecommerce app that has just landed in the western market. It has been available since the end of August on iOS and Android and already has more than 5 million downloads. In it you can find everything from clothing to home decoration, including all the handmade products you can imagine, beauty items, shoes and much more.

Its origin: Pinduoduo

One of the largest e-commerce companies in China, Pinduoduo -a technological platform, which in 2020 had more than 788 million users, originally focused on agriculture and which achieved its success by eliminating intermediaries and promoting group purchasing-, has decided to launch an expanded version of the business, thus Temu was born.

Its success outside and within the borders of China

The application has swept inside and outside the borders of China. During 2020 Temu overtook Pindoudou as the ecommerce with the most active customers in China, reaching 730 recurring users . On October 17, Temu became the most downloaded shopping app in the United States.

Delivery time: its differentiating value

Other companies of Chinese origin such as Shein or Aliexpress have accustomed us to ridiculous prices, but purchases take between 15 and 20 days to arrive , which can sometimes double due to customs withholdings.

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