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SHEIN opens from time to time physical  clothing and accessories stores with temporary addresses or sometimes associated with fashion stores known as POP UP store. Usually the physical store is open to the public for one week. The last Shein  Pop Up  store was opened  in Toronto , on  July 15  ,2022. Before ,Shein  opened in Brazil ( Rio  )in  US, the first  physical store was opened in New York City, then California City, and finally in Arizona. In Australia, it is planned to open a pop up in the city of Sydney in April  2022. In Canada and the United Kingdom they have not yet issued an official statement if they will open a pop up store. . At each pop-up store opening, the fast fashion brand presents discounts and other gifts to the first 50 buyers, as well as to those customers who spend more than $ 50 at the pop-up store.

Shein’s store sells casual clothing for women and men. Women’s dresses and bikinis are the most sought after items. But in addition, there are household items, sportswear, underwear, accessories and stuffed animals. their dresses are very pretty and there are all kinds of them. formal or even a wedding dress to choose from!

Each purchase in the Shein store will grant you “points” that can be used as a discount on your next purchases. Or collect points simply by registering in the app. Every day to accumulate points can also be used as a discount. It is the first fashion app that responds to all styles of buyers in one place.


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220 countries through electronic commerce and has digital omnipresence, the brand becomes tangible to its consumers with a reduced number of physical stores located in strategic locations in cities such as London, Paris or Barcelona. Shein X Studio: Rock The Runway opened in the heart of District 4 of the French capital during Fashion Week.
The Shein phenomenon bursts onto the world fashion scene, both digitally and in physical space, to publicize the key garments of this autumn-winter 2021. Days enlivened with concerts, celebrities, emerging designers and, of course , exclusive pieces
2022 shein Pop Up store Opened (London, Paris, Washington,Miami,Las Vegas ,Los angeles, Arizona, New York,Sydney,Johannesburg,Dublin.

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Cashmere, or cashmere, and wool, merino or angora, are the alternatives that were part of expensive garments that already included mulberry silk, bamboo fiber or the sustainable yarns of the Tencel brand. His collection of natural fabric has been well received, but this time it is oriented to the mild days that precede the imminent descent to zero in the thermometers.
The weight of cashmere yarn is barely a fifth of any other wool, and it is 16 times thinner than human hair, characteristics that are very difficult to find in synthetic or technological fibers.

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Anyone who has ever bought clothes online and has an active Instagram account will have come across advertisements from Shein countless times. What's more, with ads for garments that mysteriously resemble those we have purchased on other sites, or which we have 'liked' visiting other profiles. But when it comes to fashion, in a broad sense, Shein never comes up in the conversation, partly because it is very cheap clothes (most of its clothes do not exceed 20 euros) and partly because its products are usually clones or inspirations. of others that already exist in the market.

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The payment and shipping process in Shein is similar to other pages on the internet, allowing you to pay by card or paypal. After paying for your purchases, the order is confirmed and the preparation time for your delivery begins. From there, it usually takes 5 days to 2 weeks.
The first step is to contact Shein Customer Service. A Customer Service agent will send you the instructions for making the return. It is necessary to put the articles in the original packaging, they must be in perfect condition; The refund of your money will be made within 5 days after the receipt of your package.