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What to Expect From the “TEMU APP “Black Friday Sale in 2022

Every day is Black Friday, Temu’s new approach to getting customers

Chinese group buying company Pinduoduo launched Temu , its new online shopping platform in the United States, in early September, marking its first foray into another market. Despite the brevity of its release, it has become the highest-ranked shopping app on the iOS app store in the past week, according to data from Sensor Tower, beating out Amazon , Shein , and Walmart.

Their value proposition is very cheap products. It is inspired by the Shein business model , therefore, you can find all kinds of articles. In this way, she goes beyond clothing, including electronics, household items and toys, among other categories.

Unlike Shein, Temu relies on Pinduoduo’s relationships with over 11 million vendors and manufacturers to expand the number of merchants and merchandise on its platform. They are committed to enabling small and midsize merchants to reach their growth potential. Building on this extensive supply chain and technology, they are creating a vibrant new community that connects their buyers and merchants.

Every day is Black Friday

In order to increase the number of customers, they have changed the focus to Every day is Black Friday. Thus, consumers will be price conscious, although longer delivery times and poor customer service experiences could stop that momentum.

To stay ahead and stand out in the United States, you’ll need to invest significant resources in improving the customer experience, from customer service to order tracking and returns.

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